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Trevor Noah Sees Common Theme On Trump's Approach To Climate Change, COVID-19

Trevor Noah pointed out a common theme in President Donald Trump’s approach to climate change and the coronavirus pandemic: “Deny its existence and hope it will magically disappear.”

During a roundtable discussion in California about the state’s record-breaking wildfires on Monday, California Secretary for Natural Resources Wade Crowfoot told Trump that by ignoring the science and focusing on vegetation management, he was failing to protect the state from the reality of climate change.

“The Daily Show” host compared Trump’s climate change denialism to his persistent downplaying of the pandemic. Trump shared detailed knowledge about the deadly nature of the novel coronavirus in February during a recorded interview with journalist Bob Woodward, then he admitted in March to downplaying it in order to avoid creating panic.

“Probably means six months from now, Bob Woodward’s going to release a tape where Trump is going to be doing a detailed PowerPoint on carbon emissions impact on global temperatures,” Noah cracked.

Watch his roast on “The Daily Show” below:

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